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Partscaster Parts and Rat Bait Pickups

Hardware removed  from a  Fender Squier Stratocaster This bundle is made up of new and salvaged parts. This Squier tremolo bridge will drop straight into your project body,  Fender or other Stratocaster style body. Buy Here Stratocaster chrome parts includes tremolo assembly, 10mm machine heads, jack plug socket, strap buttons plus more. This bundle was removed from a Squier Partscaster but also includes some new old stock bits £25.00 – UK Post Free Contact  for International Shipping This bundle contains used parts. This bundle is made up of new and salvaged parts. Tremolo unit Tremolo arm Claw 3 x trem springs Bridge saddles, springs and adjusters Jack plug socket and boat 6x  10mm machine heads Squier scripted neck plate Neck plate gasket and screws Strap buttons Allen keys and lead (free gift) Please remember – Non-UK clients must contact us before purchasing products. Shipping must be added for internati

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