Sunday, 22 August 2021

JHS Tremolo Unit with Locating Adjuster Grooves

JHS tremolo unit complete with new springs, screws and tremolo arm.

This tremolo unit was removed from a 2000s JHS Stratocaster. New springs, tremolo arm and screws.

£16.50 – UK Post Free Contact for International Shipping

This bundle contains new and used parts.

    1. Unit without arm 235g.
    2. Claw
    3. 3 x trem springs (new)
    4. Bridge saddles, springs and adjusters (original)
    5. Tremolo arm (new)

JHS Tremolo Unit

Monday, 16 August 2021

Vintage Kay guitar body – Made In Japan

Teisco / Kay Guitar

Here is a rare opportunity to purchase an original vintage Teisco / Kay guitar body in red and black sunburst. If you’re looking for something that is out of the ordinary that offers old-world charm for a very reasonable price, this is a great guitar body to consider. 

Teisco Guitar Body

Genuine vintage Teisco, Kay, Raver, Kawai guitar body. Made In Japan.

£65.00 UK Post Free – Contact for International Shipping

Original laminated plywood body from the 1960s / 1970s. It has a few scuffs, scrapes marks and indents but would be a good base for a project for someone. Overall good condition and includes original strap buttons.

The brand name “Teisco” was established in 1948, and is sometimes incorrectly explained as an acronym of Tokyo Electric Instrument and Sound Company. However, the exact name of company, establishing and producing the Teisco brand was not that company name.
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Guitar only £60.00 Rat Bait Relic

This might be a relic guitar but it is definitely a bargain…

Genuine Rat Bait Guitar made in the UK at a bargain price of £60.00

Rat Bait Guitar – Stratocaster / Partscaster, this relic guitar comes with tremolo arm, strap, tools, lead and a soft case. Available on:

It is fitted with a brand new neck, machine heads and SSS scratchplate, the pickups and electrics are also brand new.

Sunday, 11 April 2021

HSS Loaded Stratocaster Pickguard - Black

Black HSS Stratocaster Loaded Scratchplate – Strat Partcaster

This loaded scratchplate still has the protective film on it.


UK Post Free – Contact for International Shipping

This loaded scratchplate still has the protective film on it. It was removed from a Partcaster that had a 2007 Squier body.
  • Neck = 5.96 approx
  • Middle = 6.25 approx
  • Bridge = 11.71 approx

The pots  and switch are CF type and are probably from a Squier. The Scratchplate is in used condition with minor scratches on it.

Saturday, 10 April 2021

Loaded Stratocaster Scratchplate – White Unused

2019 Chord CAL63 Loaded Scratchplate – White Unused

All new five pole switch, pickups and pots – unused

Awesome sounding pickups, bright and clear, removed from a brand new 2019 Chord CAL63.

Free UK postage and packing

Knobs,  and switch tip included. Good condition, 11 hole 3 ply, white scratch plate.

More details on request

Partcaster Neck - Vintage Bargain

Loaded Early Encore Neck – Similar to Vintage

This neck has been taken from an old ‘Vintage Style’ guitar and has been lightly oiled, polished and fitted with Wilkinson by Jinho machine heads.

The 22 fret maple neck has a contrasting dark fingerboard. Great value. Tuning machine heads do the job more than adequately and have a long life left in them. Screw holes have been plugged. There are tiny dings on the back and fretboard but not highly significant. We have lightly oiled and polished this reclaimed guitar neck.

  • Frets 22 medium
  • Nut width 42mm
  • 55mm width at heel (± 0.5 mm Deviation)
  • Truss rod
  • Roller String Tree
  • Set of Tuners

Friday, 9 April 2021

Black Loaded Stratocaster Scratch Plate

3 ply Black Loaded Pickguard – Staggered Old School Pickups

£18.00 UK Post Free – Contact for International Shipping

Loaded 3 ply black pickguard / scratchplate. The pickups and scratch plate (which still has a single protective film on it) were removed from a high quality partscaster, the electrics have been replaced and are new CF brand. These single pole pickups are probably 1990s or early 2000s and are unusual as they have fixing bolts and not the normal screw ones. The mounting springs have been replaced.

  • Staggered vintage type single pole pickups
  • Stratocaster Pickguard
  • 11 Screw Hole

High output Pickups:

  • Neck: 5.19
  • Middle: 5.11
  • Bridge: 5.05

Loaded Stratocaster Body

Part Loaded HSS Stratocaster Body in Black

This body is in fantastic condition, it originally came fitted with a Fender Squier neck. Possibly 1980s / 1990s

£39.99 – UK Post Free. Contact for  International Shipping 

  • Neck Pocket: 56mm (± 0.5 mm Deviation)
  • Body Thickness: 40mm (± 0.5 mm Deviation)
  • Medium weight
  • Scratchplate
  • 5 way switch
  • Volume and tone controls – 500K
  • Strap buttons

High gloss black finish – a beautiful body comes with neck strap buttons, original scratchplate and rear tremolo cover. Please see the photographs to judge the condition. The electrics will need some contact spray.

This body only has a few minor light scratches.

Thursday, 8 April 2021

Alder Strarocaster Body

This 46mm thick Alder Body is from a new unused guitar...

White Stratocaster Type Body

This contoured alder body comes with a 3 ply black scratchplate, which matches the 11 holes on the body.

All items are posted using Royal Mail. We accept reasonable return requests. We try to be cheaper than eBay – Our Items are UK Post Free. Shipping Now free EU shipping on our engraved neck plates.

Red Stratocaster Type Body

This metallic dark red body dates from around 2015 and is made from a type of basswood

Red Stratocaster Type Body
This HSH body comes with a white scratchplate (holes match the screw holes in the body) and a rear cover.

Neck Pocket is approximately 56mm Wide The body has a couple of chips around the neck socket please see images to judge condition.  

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Neck Gasket for Stratocaster

Four Neck Mounting Srews and Neck Joint Gasket

Gasket or Stratocaster, Telecaster, Bass neck joint plate with 4 Screws

£4.75 – UK Post Free Contact for International Shipping

Fits Plate Size 64mm x 51mm


Monday, 29 March 2021

Build your own guitar – Pickups – Tuners - Tremolo

Why not build a guitar using various parts as funds become available. Why not buy some guitar parts to put on the spare body you have?...

UK Post Free Contact for International Shipping

Stratocaster chrome ware, removed from new and old guitars, includes: tremolo assembly, 6 right hand machine heads removed from a 2021 Guitar, Pickups (2000s), jack plug socket, strap buttons, string trees plus screws, tremolo rear cover etc. This lot includes some new old stock, screws etc.

  1. Claw
  2. 3 x trem springs
  3. Bridge saddles, springs and adjusters
  4. Jack plug socket and boat
  5. 6 x machine heads
  6. Set of pickups (2000s)
  7. String trees
  8. Rear tremolo cover


  • Red Wire – approx 4.65k output
  • Green Wire – approx 5.961k output (reverse wound to other two)
  • Blue Wire – approx 5.93k output

The pickups don’t have mounting screws and springs included in this bundle.

Visit our online store where you can purchase new, salvaged guitar parts and our Rat Bait Guitars. All transactions are carried out by PayPal for your convenience and safety. Once payment is received, items are posted within two working days. There is no need to register on this site to purchase goods, just choose what you want and click on the PayPal button, this will take you straight to the payment option.

£7.45 – UK Post Free Contact for International Shipping

Nickel Type Stratocaster Jack Plate and Socket
  • Never been fitted to a guitar – as new.
  • Mono electric guitar output jack plate.
  • 1/4″ (6.35mm) mono jack socket.

Buy here...

Relic Guitar Parts - Vintage Made In Japan Engraved Guitar Parts #madeinjapan #relicguitar


We are not sure how old they are but they are perfect for a new relic build. They are not contemporary (computer aided) engraved / etched ones that are available at the moment they look more original vintage... Buy Here The condition of them varies but we are slowly sorting them out there are dozens of them!!! If you are an International Client please contact us for shipping costs.

Each plate is slightly different but all look similar to those in the image above.

Why not visit our on line store and build yourself your own guitar?

We have a selection of new and used spare parts for vintage guitars, relic guitars and partscasters. Why not visit our online shop and search for that missing part.

All transactions are carried out by PayPal for your convenience and safety. Once payment is received, items are posted within two working days. There is no need to register on this site to purchase goods, just choose what you want and click on the PayPal button, this will take you straight to the payment option.

We only carry a small amount of stock which changes constantly - contact us if you are looking for a part.

All items are posted using Royal Mail and are UK Post Free. Please Contact Us for International Shipping

Rat Bait Pickups and Rat Bait Partscaster Parts

We brand our pickups and parts with our name, sometimes clients want to customise their guitar so we occasionally have surplus stock. We have these for offer at low prices - check here to see if any are available.


Send us your broken beast or a box of spares and we will lovingly create you a new ‘Rat Bait Guitar’ from the detritus you have sent us.

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Saturday, 27 March 2021

JHS ‘Vintage’ Guitar

This scratch plate, pickups and wiring loom were taken from an early unloved JHS ‘Vintage’ Guitar, which was sadly very beaten up.  However, the scratchplate and its electrics are almost perfect, the natural aged patina is just right.

  • Rat Bait Neck Bundle
    £55.00 £46.30
  • HSH Strat Body in Transparent Green – Squier?
    £55.00 £49.00
  • Machine Heads – Complete Tremolo Unit – Bundle
    £23.00 £15.45
  • 3 ply Black Loaded Pickguard – Stratocaster Loaded Scratchplate
    £22.00 £16.85
  • Single Pole Pickups – Machine Heads -Tremolo Unit – Bundle
    £25.00 £23.65
  • 4 ply Tortoiseshell Loaded Pickguard – Stratocaster Loaded Scratchplate
    £22.00 £19.85
  • 1990s Fender Squier Tremolo Unit
    £14.99 £13.95
  • Stratocaster Loaded Scratchplate – Squier Pickups
    £22.00 £19.75
  • White Loaded Stratocaster Wilkinson Pickups Scratchplate SSS
    £45.00 £42.50