Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Vintage Staggered Pole, Single Pole Pickups – Loaded Scratchplate from a Squier #guitarspares #guitarparts #vintageguitar #ukguitar #guitarsalvage

Three Matched, Staggered Pole, Wilkinson Type, Single Pole Pickups

These were used to upgrade the standard Fender Squier Pickups. The patina of the scratchplate is more 'creamy' in colour than the images show. Knobs and switch tip included. Good condition, 11 hole,  aged white, scratchplate.

This 11 hole scratch plate was taken from a Squier based Partcaster guitar

The scratchplate is a Stratocaster type and has a genuine aged vintage patina.

Complete loaded Stratocaster pickguard, aged pickguard with three single coil pickups, three control knobs and switch tip.

See images to judge condition

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