Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Fender Squire Spares Bundle - Tremolo, Neckplate, Jack Plug Boat, Strap Buttons #squier #fender #guitarspares #guitarparts #vintageguitar

Taken from a Fender Squier Stratocaster: Tremolo Bridge, Squier Neckplate + more

Fender Squier neckplate, tremolo unit, 3 springs, all fixing screws.

Included is: claw, bridge saddles, adjusters, springs, Fender Squire neck backplate and plastic mount, strap buttons, rear tremolo cover, chrome jack plug and boat.

Original Fender Squier neckplate and screws. This tremolo bridge will drop straight into your project body, Fender Squier or other Stratocaster style body. 
  1. Claw
  2. 3 x trem springs
  3. All fixing screws
  4. Bridge saddles, springs and adjusters
  5. Fender Squire neck plate and plastic mount
  6. Chrome jack plug and boat
  7. Strap buttons with pads
  8. Tremolo assembly
  9. Rear tremolo cover

This bridge unit was removed from an unloved guitar, it has the earlier saddles which are preferable to the more contemporary type and will make your project look more authentic.

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