Thursday, 28 March 2019

Bridge Saddles and Claw - pickups, rear cover, strap buttons - Guitar Bundle #partcaster #guitarspares #guitarparts #ukguitar #guitarsalvage

Salvaged from various vintage guitars

The bridge saddles are good quality, ideal replacement metal saddles for Stratocaster type tremolo or fixed bridge. Chrome finished, with springs and screws.

The pickups in this bundle have not been tested but are unusual. They are staggered poles and have a metal, threaded backplate and come with springs and bolts.

Bundle includes:

  1. Three untested staggered pole pickups
  2. Six bridge saddles, adjusting screws, springs and bolts
  3. Two Strap buttons and screws
  4. Baseplate for a tremolo assembly and claw, with claw screws
  5. Rear tremolo cover

Starting bid 0.99p (10 day auction)

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